July Running Goals

Hello! It’s a Sunday evening and our kids have just passed out (thank you, yesterday’s 4th of July craziness) so I quickly wanted to mention something that I will be doing in July. I love love love July. A big reason why is because I was born in July (and married a man who is born in July) and I like to TREAT myself especially well in July.

had some tootsie rolls on a run. don’t recommend it.

Let’s just flashback to my 19th birthday now, shall we….. I was working as a nanny, living in California, loving life and adventure, but also struggling with body image issues. I had put on about 20 lbs in the past year and a half, 5 of which was needed, but yeah, the rest was very unwanted. Although I was having a lot of fun, I was feeling pretty lonely and depressed at times. SO, I decided that I deserved large amounts of cake for my 19th birthday and treated myself accordingly. All week long I ate cake for dessert. On my actual birthday, I ate cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Afterwards, I felt disgusting (physically and mentally). It is a surprise that I can still eat cake and not get sick, because after that week, I never wanted it again.

I now do birthdays much differently. Yes, I still love to TREAT myself, but in different ways. My body is getting older and needs some TLC, not just cake. Although cake is never forgotten, let’s be clear about that! So I like to set goals, kind of like New Years but a “new year” for me. This includes exercise. It does my body good!

This July, I am challenging myself to not missing a Monday morning workout. AND therefore, I am also challenging myself to go to bed by 11 PM. (You’d be surprised how little sleep I survive on.) Who wants to join me?? I notice a huge difference in my weekly workouts when I start it off right away on Mondays. If I wait until Tuesday or even Wednesday, crazy, then I tend to get lazier or rushed. Is it just me? I don’t know, maybe this challenge isn’t your cup of tea, but if it is, then let’s do it! We start tomorrow!

mid run stretching on a trash can. my face gets SO red.

Additionally, because why not, I’d like to run 29 miles by the 27th (my birthday). Because I’ll be 29 that day and I have a thing for numbers.

This past week’s runs:
Total weekly miles = 8.8 (ish. GPS issues) miles
Total weekly elevation gain = 374 ft
Total weekly time = 1 h 27 min

I’m training for a half marathon in October so follow along as I share what I’ll be doing! I also have a 5k in August and a 10k in September that I’m excited about. Make sure you connect with me on my social media accounts. I just created a FB page. Things are getting serious.


7 thoughts on “July Running Goals

  1. I am also doing a half marathon soon! (September). I am challenging myself to run 3X a week, walk 3X a week, and take one day off. A new routine for me but I am excited. Best wishes for your goals and happy early birthday 😉


  2. Tootsie rolls on a run sound kind of awesome! I tried Starburst once as fuel, it didn’t work out so well. Going to bed by 11 is something I really need to work on. And am not accomplishing right now. Good luck with your goals!!!


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