Hot Hot Runs

lightningIt has been blazing hot here in Utah. We are talking above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Last night I waited until 9 PM and I kid you not, I could barely breath. I’m sure if I want to escape running in the heat then I’m going to need to wake up at 5 AM – NOT happening. Yet oh so very tempting. How much do I really love to run? Enough to wake up at 5 AM? Enough to run in 100 degree heat? Yes. Probably.

GPS wasn’t feeling the heat either, because it took some time off during my first mile or so. Nonetheless, I managed to snap a pic of the night’s view. Pretty incredible I must say. In the distance there was a storm and so I just watched the lightning as I ran. Suffocating from heat, but enjoying the view for a couple miles.

Also, I just have to put out there that yesterday I pretty much ate large amounts of cookies and had zero motivation to run. I was at a friend’s book party and sat on her couch debating back and forth whether I was going or not. Yes. No. Yes. No. FINE YES! This is so common for me but I always thank myself the second I start running.

Who else has to force themselves some days? How do you find the motivation to keep going on the days you just want to veg out on the couch? Happy July 1st to you all! July is greatest month of them all, is it not?


9 thoughts on “Hot Hot Runs

  1. That is me! I was 100 degrees here in NC last week, with a index of 106. I could not get out of bed to run. I would lay there and have the Cameron from Ferris Buller’s Day Off scene -“Ill go, Ill Go, Ill Go” But most days I found myself at the gym at lunch. AC Runs! I was so grateful it was raining and cooler for my 10K last Saturday!


  2. It’s so funny that you posted this today. Just this morning my alarm went off at 5:15 and I just could not get myself out of bed today despite my love of running. Out here in Massachusetts, we don’t get the 100 degree heat, but we do get the humidity…ugh.


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