Our Balcony Garden – Update

Well look at that, we may just have a harvest after all. It has started! That is our very first little tiny zucchini! I’m feeling a little bit more hopeful about this garden after seeing this dude. Wahoo! I can’t believe how big all these plants got overnight (practically). For quite awhile I was nervous because the leaves had some discoloration on them, but I think they have finally adapted after being transplanted into the bag. Just look at how big all of the plants have gotten! What is up, massive big green leaves!? Hello, tiny Sasha feet. Oh, and yeah, we still have a big bag of dirt on the balcony as well. Is that not just crazy. If you didn’t see the before, check out the previous post on our balcony garden. Not even 1 month has gone by. I must be new to this gardening business because I can’t keep calm about the size of those leaves. When we planted the garden, we knew it’d get big and need more room, so we hope to guide it up the railing when it gets to that point. Fingers crossed it works to do it that way. If not, we can go buy some type of post fence thing to stick in there for the plants to climb – SORRY – I have no idea what the proper gardening lingo is, but hopefully you know what I mean.

Now be prepared to see some SAD SAD strawberry plants.In my opinion, this was a complete fail. We got to eat possibly two sour strawberries and I’m pretty sure they are done for the time being. Maybe there will be more in a couple months, but I don’t think we will wait to find out. We both love strawberries and want to have them planted, however, I don’t think this is the ideal situation for them. When our yard is finished (notice in the background below how I still don’t have grass or a fence) we could maybe get some strawberries going there. Ultimately, strawberries need patience, time, and space to get good, right? I just feel like they were too squished and hot in the pot. Unless anyone can change my mind about it, I’m pretty sure we will turn this pot into an herb garden with the ones we have planted.We still have dill. I took this picture after I just clipped them all off basically. I’m hoping that they’ll grow back bigger and better. This window ledge in our dining area is where the herbs have been growing. Now that they are bigger, I think we’ll put them where the strawberries are. SO…speak now or forever hold your peace!!! Do I get rid of the strawberries? Can different herbs live in a pot together? As I’ve said, we don’t really know much. Beginners. Advice and knowledge is always welcome!

How are the other gardens out there in the world looking? Anyone else have a fail? Or better yet, success?


3 thoughts on “Our Balcony Garden – Update

  1. you are so good with all this stuff! I don’t know if i would keep them haha I am not very good with gardening, this weather has been crazy


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