Two runs and a ride, plus hours of vampires.

How is it, that a 28 (almost 29) year old girl gets caught up watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix? I can’t stand the cheeeeeese going on, yet I can’t turn it off. I just HAVE to know how Elena and Damon end up together for good, because that is one spoiler that I already saw. I need the full story too, not a summary, so I’m stuck wasting away my hours. Really, at this point I can’t wait to finish watching the stupid show. And in the future, I refuse to get caught up in any more of these sappy teenage dramas. Speaking of, teenagers watch this? Every episode promotes sex, drugs, drinking, and violence. Plus they have no parental guidance, or if they do it’s more like the kids are parenting the adults. Only in a vampire world, right?

Anyone have any better suggestions? I’d love a good movie right about now.

Besides being distracted by bloody love triangles, I have been doing some training. Woo woo! If you saw in my goals post, I signed up for a half marathon. This will be my very FIRST. A couple of years ago I did a 10k, which is the farthest I’ve ran basically, but then I got pregnant and was advised not to run anymore. My babies come early and my doctor was very strict about me not running during my pregnancy, so I obeyed. I started running again this winter but not until lately have I really pushed myself to go much farther than a couple miles.

emigrationThis week I managed to get two runs in. I would like to do about three, but instead of a third my husband and I rode our bikes. My first run focused on some speed work…which I spontaneously decided because the sun was going down. However, I do want my first runs of the week from now on to be speed work. The second run I wanted to focus on distance, but living in a very hilly neighborhood I decided to include that too. It was basically distance + hills and I ended up exploring a bit which took me farther than I probably would have gone. Overall though, I loved the run.

Total weekly miles ran = 5.8 miles
Total elevation gain = 249 feet
Total time = 57 minutes

Friday, like I mentioned, I did some XT. There is a canyon here that my husband and I like to ride our bikes up. I’m not going to lie and say that it is easy. It KILLS me. However, I know that it helps me so I do it. The view at the top is a major bonus and I use it as my motivation to get there. Several riders passed us yesterday and I was feeling slightly pathetic. Then, as we passed a restaurant in the canyon, a couple said to us, “How do you guys do that?”, as we passed them. I went from feeling slightly pathetic to slightly awesome. It’s all relevant anyway and truly I only care about doing MY best. Not to mention spending the time with my husband…kid free…in a beautiful canyon. Of course I’ll torture my legs for 15 miles!

It was a no-brainer, I took today off. We spent the afternoon at a local reservoir/pond and then in the evening I overindulged on some lemon bars at my nieces bridal shower. My middle name is “no-self-control”. Keep that junk away from me.

I hope everyone had a good week! I’m off to watch more vampire doppelganger madness I guess. Let me know about your weekend and any good movie suggestions!



4 thoughts on “Two runs and a ride, plus hours of vampires.

  1. I was sucked into VD and forced myself to quit watching last season when my husband saw how many episodes I watched within a couple days. I was a SAHM then so I didn’t think it was too bad. Haha.


    1. Oh man, I don’t even want to know how many episodes I’ve watched. I’m just starting season 5. It’s getting ridiculous so I don’t think you’re missing out too much. Yet, I’m not stopping haha.


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