15 of My Favorite Feelings

This post is inspired by Essie Button, who was inspired by Hank Green. I follow Estee’s YouTube channel and when this video came up on my feed, I was instantly curious by the title. It was fun to watch what she had to say, so make sure you check it out. Ever since I saw it though, I have been thinking about what MY favorite feelings are. Here are the ones that I could come up with.

1) One of my most favorite feelings is in the summer, when it’s hot outside and I go for a drive with the windows down (or go for a run) and pass a canal or water source. When it all of sudden gets cool as you go past this spot, that is my favorite feeling.

2) When my kids look at me and smile like I am the coolest thing ever.

3) Nostalgia. Recently, I inherited my grandma’s piano. I have been playing songs that I used to play 15 years ago and this nostalgic feeling I get while playing these songs on the piano is one of the best.

4) When my husband and I go on bike rides in Utah’s canyons, especially Emigration Canyon. There is a spot at the top that overlooks a lake. Being up there is my favorite feeling.

5) Getting together with my childhood friends.

6) Along the same lines, getting together with ALL of my family at family reunions. I just LOVE being together.

7) When you can’t remember the name of something/someone and it drives you nuts…but then *DING*, you remember, yay!!!!

8) Getting rid of things/junk. Dejunking. I’m not a hoarder.

9) Wearing a new T-shirt.

10) Forgiveness. Whether it is forgiving yourself, another, or being forgiven for something – it just feels GOOOOOOD.

11) Hopping into the covers after I’ve shaved my legs.

12) Dance party!! Sometimes I get in the best/crazy moods, and I just cannot be stopped. I hear some music and whatever I can interpret at the moment comes to life. If you’ve ever witnessed this, you’re a lucky soul.

13) Completion. Finishing something that you worked really hard on, no matter what it may be.

14) Visiting new parts of the world and embracing/learning about the culture. Hoping to do this again someday soon. I miss traveling.

15) Being pampered. What can I say, I’m a girl who likes to be spoiled with massages, pedicures, manicures, etc.

I’d love to know what some of your favorite feelings are. I think it’s good to take time to reflect on the things that help us feel joy in life. Let’s focus on the positive!

From my run tonight. The sun was setting and this view got me.

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