New Goals!

This morning we had a pet ladybug for an hour, then set it free.

It’s been a very long and fun weekend! I’m exhausted as well, so hopefully I’ll recover from the excitement. Once a year, we have a family reunion with all of my siblings and their kids. Usually in the past we have gone out of town, but this year we had the reunion here in Utah. My whole family was here this weekend so we have been enjoying the time together. I’m always sad it can’t last just a little longer, but that’s probably good. Any longer and we may just get tired of each other.

My kids had a lot of fun, Sasha mostly. He could play with his cousins 24/7. Literally, every time we said goodbye for the night, he threw a fit. I’m sure he was dramatic partly because he was tired, but I know that he was also feeling so sad to have the fun end. He loves people and parties! Liev just enjoyed all the smothering he got from aunts, uncles, and cousins who hardly get to see him.

Watching a play in the park. Also, one awesome papa.
Napping under trees, yes, please.

Besides the family reunion though, I have set two GOALS this weekend (maybe three). I will be writing more about them and how they are going so I thought I’d let you all in on them, as well as get any input. Input is always welcome.

Goal #1 – My first Half Marathon. I signed up for a race so it is official. I will be running 13.1 miles on October 25th in Salt Lake City. All I can feel about it right now is pure excitement. Training starts now.

Goal #2 – Speaking Russian for 30 days. I will have to go more into depth about this, it’s a FAQ I get. We do speak Russian with our kids, but not enough. For the next 30 days though, that is all we are going to be speaking. I’m hoping to make it a permanent habit, but we needed a short term goal to start off.

AND I guess maybe Goal #3….no dairy for a month. Basically, my oldest has a hard time with sensory processing. I have heard from more than one person that I should cut dairy from his diet. He doesn’t drink milk, but it’s basically everywhere else, so he definitely gets plenty. I’m just going to give it a go and see how his behavior changes. Why not?

Kind of a lot of goals for the month, huh. I’m slightly intimidated. I will write more in depth about some of them soon. Meanwhile, if you have any tip and tricks to success, don’t hold back. The comments section is waiting for you!

Have you had to cut something from your diet before? How did it go? Anyone from or in a bilingual home? If yes, how are the different languages used/taught?


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