I may just be the strangest girl ever.

Maybe it’s weird, maybe it’s not, but I thought you all should know how much I DON’T enjoy shopping. (I’m hoping to find other girls out there like me as I am writing this.) Another thing, I couldn’t care less about fashion, and any time I tried to, it ended up just frustrating the crap out me. For some reason though (maybe because I am a girl and I think that girls are supposed to like stuff like this) it was hard for me to accept this.

I remember as a young girl when my parents would take me school shopping, that it was just pure torture for everyone. They even told me plenty of times that they hated taking me shopping. WHY? Because I got ornery, hangry, didn’t want to try anything on, didn’t like anything, and couldn’t ever make a decision. Who thinks this is fun? The things that I ended up liking were always too much money, typical, and even if I would end up buying it, there is no guarantee that I would still like it in a week.

This past year I did a lot of thinking about myself, fashion included. I love the concept of living a “simple” life and took into consideration whether or not I really need certain things. When I thought about my closet, some things that I asked myself were, “What types of clothes am I comfortable in?” “What colors/patterns help me feel confident?” “What colors/pattern make me feel awkward?” And then, I threw out half of my closet. Literally. Possibly even more. The weirdest part about doing this, is that now I actually feel like I have clothes to wear! It’s magic. Nothing is more freeing to me than getting rid of stuff that no longer serves you.

rare selfie moment in one of my overly worn shirts

Here is what I can tell you about my “style”, if you can even call it that.

1) Really comfortable jeans are important to me. I am willing to pay $$$ for them. Yet, I only own a couple pair. They last me forever.

2) My shirts are very basic and cheap: White, stripes, some blues, some pinks, and some purples. Rarely bright colors. Rarely any patterns. Almost never orange, yellow, red, or green.

3) Good quality for timeless pieces. For example, I got some boots this past winter that are black and timeless. They were slightly expensive and honestly, I don’t care about whatever brand they are. Someone once mentioned it to me and I wanted to puke. I liked them, so I bought them.

4) Simple accessories. I wear stud earrings (currently a long bar “staple” looking kind). Necklaces and bracelets with hardly anything going on. My favorites at the moment I picked up in Madewell. They may have been kind of spendy for jewelry, but I wear them constantly and the simplicity brings me joy. Not to mention the quality allows me to wear it a lot.

5) Shoes, again, very simple. I’m not that girl with a massive shoe collection. I have a pair of converse, flip flops, running shoes, cycling shoes, church shoes, boots, and some wedge type boots that I rarely wear. I am in search of a good hiking shoe that can get wet and then my collection will be complete.


That’s about it! I always know what I want to wear because my selection is simple. I don’t have as much clothes to fold, clean, and store. I always feel good in what I’m wearing, because everything I own makes me feel comfortable and confident. It just fits me. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than a plain white shirt and a pair of jeans. And if that is what I wear all week, then so be it. AND the greatest part of it all, is I don’t have to go shopping much. When I have to though, I now know exactly what I want and nobody gets tortured by my hangry attitude. My mind is free to care about things that matter most to me, fashion not being one of them.

So, yeah, am I strange? Are you strange too? 🙂 Let’s get together and not shop. Unless it’s for workout clothes or makeup….now that’s a different story.


10 thoughts on “I may just be the strangest girl ever.

  1. I am the same way! I hate shopping! I have for the longest time been overweight and have not wanted to. Now that I am losing it I enjoy it a little more than I used to.

    Still I buy the same things, I have the same 4 pairs of shoes that I wear all the time. The only expensive shoes I buy is running shoes.


  2. I associate so hard with this. I tried to be more fashionable a while back, but it didn’t suit me at all and I hated feeling uncomfortable all the time. Give me jeans and a t-shirt any day. Love your accessories here. Simple is totally for me/the way to go. 🙂


  3. I swear we are soul sisters! I need to become more like you and embrace this about myself! I try to branch out too often and then I end up with clothes I hate! I’d love to know more about where you buy good jeans and simple shirts! You always look cute!!

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  4. love this idea, i recently started reading ‘the life changing magic of tidying up” and i need to go through my whole wardrobe and do the same. any suggestions on quality jeans? i’m always on the hunt, good jeans are hard to find!

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    1. Thank you! Sounds like a book I should be reading. I usually get my jeans at Nordstrom. I currently have a pair of Paige and I feel like they are good quality and comfortable. I have been wanting to try some from Madewell. The jeans in this post I bought from Zara online. If I were you though, I’d look into Paige jeans. It’s basically like wearing pajamas.


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