Running: Pace and Hills (Experiment)

I am currently sneezing my head off. May and June have been good to me like that. If I can’t stop sneezing it’s because 1) I just woke up, or 2) I just got back from running. Thankfully, it’s getting better as summer rolls in, but I did just get back from running so that’s the issue here. Also, the HEAT. That’s another issue. Oh, and the hill repeats I did. Let me explain this super fun run I went on.

As a preface: Last week I went on a couple of runs and a bike ride. Run #1 was awesome. I ran a nearby trail that has absolutely no hills and it was so nice to not be bothered. Because hills bother me. Run #2 was with a friend and I took it at her pace, which was a little slower but very good for me, as I tend to let my adrenaline get the best of me.

Oh hey, Brooke. Thanks for being such a pal!

I decided from last week’s runs that I wanted to focus on two main things: pace and hills. I did a little experiment using Spotify’s running option. I barely noticed it there the other week so I am assuming this is new? You click on the running option and it tells you, “Start running to detect tempo”. Once you’ve ran for a little bit, it determines your steps/min and plays music accordingly. Is this not so cool?! Am I alone in the excitement over this? Probably. My goal was to set a pace and try to keep it there for 2 miles. Why? Well, what usually happens for me is with each mile I run, I gain about 30-60 seconds, as in I slow down. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, I don’t really care, it just bugs me for some reason. So I ran to the beat of the music and didn’t slow down or speed up. Here are today’s results:
6:16 splits

Mile 1 was easier because I went downhill, but harder because I actually felt like running faster than the music. Mile 2 was nice. I was nervous to go up the hill and not let myself slow down, but it actually wasn’t too bad until the end. Anytime I wanted to walk, I guilt tripped myself about failing this experiment. “BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP WITH THE BEAT FOR THE EXPERIMENT!!” Running drama. 😉 I liked having the beat to run to, I feel like it helped. However, I do want to try this again without any elevation change. (I feel like a big nerd.)

The last part of my run was me running up a hill, then walking down it. Each time I walked down a little slower, delaying the next sprint up as much as possible, because let’s face it, it was NOT fun. I will continue to do it though at least once a week, hopefully improving my time.6:16 hillsIgnore the bottom time, that was the beginning of my run when I wasn’t really running at all. 44 seconds. Cool. I guess I will work from there. My goal at this point it to just do the dang hill repeats (possibly at the beginning of my run rather than at the end). Next week I’ll see if I enjoy this just as much.

Super fun. If you’re worried, I’m not sunburned. I just went running in 90 degree weather. Somebody wake me up at 6 AM so I can avoid this.


2 thoughts on “Running: Pace and Hills (Experiment)

  1. 1. you have the coolest freckles.
    2. you havent told me you were on the board for running like this
    3. I want to be like you
    4. your work out outfits are awesome


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