Yay for Bookshelves!

I started this project 2 years ago. PEOPLE, TWO YEARS AGO. It all started when I saw something on Pinterest, got an idea, decided to do it, and then realized I had nowhere to put the shelves permanently. I know I’m not the only one with unfinished Pinterest projects. But things are changing here. The beauty of owning your home is that you get to do whatever you’d like with it, and one of the first things I thought of were these bookshelves.

I’d show you a close up, but they aren’t quite finished yet. I am still wanting to do another coat of paint and some type of finish. For now, you get the far away shot that is hiding all the imperfections 🙂 The tutorial that I followed is found on Kara’s Korner. Their shelves turned out flawless! I wish I had enough patience to accomplish that type of beauty, but I basically was doing this on my own whenever I had some free time (Den is not a handyman, no biggie). Her instructions were easy to follow and I probably skipped way too many steps. Nonetheless, we do have bookshelves.

Sasha (not pictured) was super excited to have this library. He would even remind me to go work on it, “hey mom, you need to go paint my library.” Yes, sir. There are just a few things missing and I could use some input. Up on the top shelf where I’ve kept it clean of books, I want to have either some type of art or letters. I don’t want anything too cheesy though. I’ve thought of letters to make is say “dream” or “read”… but it just seems too cliche. I like “wonder” or “adventure”, but it seems too long.

Another thing that I will be adding is floor pillows. Much like the ones below that I found on Pinterest (yet again) only more boy/gender neutral patterns.

kids-sofa pillows

So…plan on another update in about 2 years 😉 Joking, hopefully. Please let me know of any other ideas you might have for this cozy spot in our home. I sure do like it a lot more than having our books spread out all over the floor!


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