Weekend Hike: Battle Creek Falls

One of the goals that I set this year was to go hiking A LOT more. We live in a beautiful state with great big mountains just needing to be explored, so why not? Plus, Sasha loves being in the mountains and begs to stay “just a little bit” more each time we have to leave. He even wanted his dinosaur to have his picture taken on this rock. I love his need for adventure and exploration.


This hike is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah and is only 1.8 miles round trip, perfect for a little family hike. We attempted to go on Saturday, but ended up with a ton of rain and a speeding ticket instead (still mad about it). Quick side note… I am the most cautious driver and NEVER speed on purpose. My conscience won’t allow it. I always go the speed limit. BUT the few rare times that I accidentally speed in new areas, I WILL get a ticket. I have the worst luck EVER. Anyway, since we live fairly close, we decided to just come back on Sunday. Thankfully, no rain and no tickets this time.


The waterfall at the end is super refreshing. We saw some people up at the top of it getting ready to repel down. The climb up there was a little steep so we almost didn’t do it, but decided to check it out anyway. I highly suggest taking the effort (with two kids it was real effort for us) to go the little extra way to the top. See photo below.



You get a great view of Utah Lake. I wish my little iPhone could capture it all like my eyes do. Basically, it looked amazing and made the trip with 23 extra pounds on my back all worth it. The picture above is screaming to me, “Get some new sunglasses ASAP!” Also, Liev has my hair color and that makes me happy.

image2Where else do we need to go hike?? We have already been to Donut Falls and Cecret Lake with the kids. This summer I’d really like to hike Mt. Timpanogus (without the kids) and maybe make a trip to Zions or Moab. You tell me, what’s your favorite?


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