Our Balcony Garden

Hellooooo. You guys, I am thrilled to say that our (mini) garden is planted!!

Our walkout basement would have been the ideal place for this, but it is currently under (super slow) construction. We recently moved into a townhome that we built and the entire area is new. They are putting in our fences, grass, a playground, and swimming pool, but at this point I’d be surprised to see it all done this summer. We will for sure have to make it work next year. Instead, we put the garden on our balcony. How? Here is the bed that we used:

big bag

I’m positive our garden will look just like that! 😉 We found this bag at a local nursery and thought it was genius! We figured we would only need the medium size. Inside we planted tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, butternut squash, and zucchini. Then, in a separate large pot we have some strawberry plants. The small variety was gifted to us from some friends and then we purchased a larger variety plant. Besides fruits and veggies, we have some herbs started. To be honest, now that it’s all there, I’m nervous. What if I water too much? Not enough? Fertilize too much? Not enough? What if we don’t even produce anything and it all just dies?? HA. Such little faith. (I could possibly be just as anxious when it comes to my children and parenting them.)

On the bright side, it’s enjoyable for us (minus my hands that reeked of manure – need gloves asap) and it looks really pretty on our balcony. Earlier this year I attended an hour class with a Master Gardener. There were a lot of helpful tips, none of which I remember right now, but the one thing I gathered is that it’s all just a big never ending experiment. So, dear science, be kind to us novice gardeners, pleeeeeease. And if anyone has any advice whatsoever, send it our way! I’m sure there will be updates to come.

Oh, and the rain brought worms. Although he was completely disgusted, Sasha agreed to hold it.   


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