National Running Day (late)

Yesterday was National Running Day! I had my entire day planned out, run included, and it just didn’t happen. Big bummer. By the time I got home for the night, it was dark outside and I wasn’t feeling brave enough to run without the sun (by myself). I told myself I would get up and run before Denys left for work and whatta ya know, I actually did it!

I used to be a morning runner/gym goer, until I had kids. I can do it every once and awhile but it’s very rare that I will get up by myself to an alarm so that I can go running. Today I surprised myself, and although it wasn’t super early, I still got up and went. I decided I really miss it and I am hoping to make it more of a habit. The sun wasn’t too hot and the air was fresh. Perfect. However, my body is not used to it. The run itself was borderline torture.

My stats for today: 2.3 miles, total time 24:11. Average pace 10:28. My first mile was paced at 9:45, mile 2 was 11:20, and the last 0.3 was 9:55. The course had two hills that killed me (almost). Side ache city. I stopped midway on both of them to walk a bit.

It’s during runs like today that I think to myself, “how did I ever run more than 3 miles?”, “do I really want to do a half marathon/full marathon someday?”, “am I ever going to be able to run up these hills without stopping?” But I have before and I will again. This is partly why I run, to challenge myself mentally and physically. If there wasn’t a struggle, it wouldn’t be exciting to meet goals and see improvement. If you’re a runner, then I guess you get it.

Future goals are still in the works. I would really like to run a half marathon in the fall, but I’m still on the fence about it. I thought that I would be further in my running by now but fell behind. Life happened. You all will have to hold me accountable from now on.

Snapped this mid run this morning. I was wishing that I was up there with them.

Anyone know of a fun fall half marathon??


3 thoughts on “National Running Day (late)

  1. Thanks for the follow! I’m happy to meet a fellow runner. I am also looking for some fun fall half marathons. Last year I did a destination one in Las Vegas (rock and roll series) and it was awesome


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