My Remedy for a Bad Day

Originally, I wanted to do a “Work It Wednesday” post. Let me tell you though how great my workout regime has been going lately: none. I’m not sure if it’s the never-ending rain that we have been getting or the stress of getting settled into our new home, but I’m just not motivated. The weirdest part is that I still have a pretty big desire and actually miss going for a run or a bike ride. I just can’t force myself to do it because of a million made-up yet oh-so-real excuses.

I will find my groove very soon, so be patient with me. Meanwhile, as a cure to my guilt-driven blues, we took a drive up the canyon to my favorite spot. If you don’t know of this little reservoir and live near AF Canyon in Utah, get out of town! Kidding. But really, you need to go ASAP. Only seconds after stepping out of the car and smelling the fresh crisp mountain air, I could no longer pout about anything. All of my worries (which were silly in the first place) disappeared. Just look at this place. No wonder.

image1 image3 image4 image5 image7

What type of places put you in a better mood? How do you stay motivated to workout? What type of topics do you like to read on blogs about working out?


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