Memorial Day 2015

 Some pictures from yesterday’s beautiful spring morning. The sun felt warm and the grass was still wet from all the rain we have been getting. After breakfast, we drove to the cemetery to visit family.

Earlier this year, my sweet grandma passed away. Before she started to lose her memory, I had a job that allowed me to spend one day a week with her. One of those days, she brought me to this cemetery. After visiting grandpa and uncle Alan, she showed me all my ancestors names on the veteran’s memorial plaque. I had no idea just how many had gone to war. What sacrifice.

I know our country is far from perfect, however, it is still a very blessed place. With all that’s going on in Ukraine, I can’t help but to be grateful for the peace here and those who fought for it. The Ukraine army has called Den’s home, as well as knocked on his door. When his mom told us I was sick to my stomach for a good minute. Thankfully we are far away. I couldn’t even begin to imagine him leaving us for war. For those individuals and families who make those sacrifices so that we can have freedom, I have nothing but respect and deep gratitude.

I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day!


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