For Real

Photo Cred: Alyona Oborn Photography

As a teenager, I was asked to write on a piece paper my goals and dreams for the future multiple times. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?” I sure wish I had some of those papers. “What kind of qualities do you want in a husband?” “How many children do you want to have?” “Where do you want to live?” Again, what I’d give to read what I wrote down. However, I do know that my life is nothing close to what I probably could have imagined as a young small-town girl.

Somehow, there I was, 24 years old. The sun had just gone down and I was walking the streets of Gorlovka, Ukraine. It had been two years since I had been in this small mining town while serving an LDS mission. I was far from home and had no intentions of returning any time soon. Denys, the boy holding my hand, stopped walking and gave me a giant hug. He was the reason I was even there. I felt insane, to say the least. Who in their right mind just moves across the world to date a guy, not even knowing if it will work out? Me. And I had high hopes.

Gorlovka is not what you would call romantic. We were there to visit some friends for the weekend, so, the next words out of his mouth were completely unexpected: “Sarah, will you marry me?”…. 100% shocked (in a good way).

“FOR REAL??” Repeat 20 times. Literally, I couldn’t stop asking “for real?” and laughing. I will spare the mushy gushy details because I can hardly stand them myself, but I did eventually say “yes”. Ever since, I have joked that getting married to Denys and our life together, my life now, is my “FOR REAL”. It is as real as it can get and nothing that I would have ever expected. No way. Almost 5 years later and I still look back in unbelief.

This blog is a little space in this huge (yet small) world where I can connect, document, and share a part of my “FOR REAL”.


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